Our Mission

CMU Science Olympiad is a student-run organization that seeks to inspire interest in the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among youth by hosting annual Science Olympiad intvitational tournaments. Our tournament features challenging exams and rigorous competition, and teams will find it to provide invaluable preparation for Science Olympiad competitions at the regional, state, and national levels.


The CMU Science Olympiad student organization was founded in late 2017 by Sarah Yu, Chris Fulton, Revanth Gumpu, and Uday Shankar. Since then, the organization has amassed a group of highly dedicated members who have worked together to prepare for next year’s tournament. The organization plans to host its first invitational tournament in early 2019.

The Team

Executive Board

Sarah Yu

Biological Sciences 2021

Sarah loves Shake Shack more than life, and is an avid Game of Thrones fan. She credits Science Olympiad for fostering her love for the sciences.

Favorite Events: Experimental Design, Hydrogeology

Chris Fulton

Electrical and Computer Engineering 2020

Chris competed in Science Olympiad for 7 years, with a heavy focus on build events. He finds that long walks on the beach, deep meaningful conversations and Cheez-Its are his biggest joys in life. As a kid he always aspired to be a magician until his mother told him that he needed a "real job."

Favorite Events: Scrambler, Optics, Electric Vehicle, Write It Do It

Uday Shankar

Computer Science 2021

Uday competed in Science Olympiad for 5 years in middle and high school. Being a long-time programmer, he naturally got forced onto Game On in his sophomore, junior, and senior years and eventually grew to love the event. He now spends the majority of his free time insisting that Game On is not a meme and defending the event from the mockery of unenlightened souls.

Favorite Events: Chemistry Lab, Game On

Riya Bhattacharya

Finance Chair
Chemistry 2021

Riya's ultimate goal is to own a corgi someday. She loves anything with melty cheese. Riya loves being part of Science Olympiad because it challenges her to think about STEM from a different perspective. Since she never had the opportunity to do Science Olympiad in high school, she’s happy she gets the chance be a part of it at CMU, and she’s invested in making this tournament the best it can possibly be!

Favorite Events: Anatomy and Physiology, Experimental Design

Revanth Gumpu

Membership Chair
Computer Science 2021

Revanth competed in Science Olympiad for 5 years in middle and high school. He has a knack for memorizing vast quantities of information, which makes events like Rocks and Minerals perfect for him. He also loves building and physics, and he considers the 48 hours before a tournament (in which he does not sleep, eat, or do anything but study and build) to be the quintessential Science Olympiad experience.

Favorite Events: Hovercraft, Rocks and Minerals, Hydrogeology, Thermodynamics

Event Chairs

  • Life Science Jolie Miller
  • Inquiry Sarah Yu, Uday Shankar
  • Chemistry Jolie Miller, Wonhee Han, Uday Shankar
  • Physics Uday Shankar, Revanth Gumpu
  • Earth/Space Revanth Gumpu
  • Build Chris Fulton

Our Supporters

We’d like to thank our sponsors, the Carnegie Mellon Student Government, the Leonard Gelfand Center for Service Learning and Outreach, the Mellon College of Science, and the Carnegie Mellon Senate. This tournament would not be possible without their support.

Special thanks to Katherine Zhang for designing our logo.

Contact Us

Have any questions or concerns about our invitational tournament or the student organization? Reach out to us at cmuscioly@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.