Tournament Information

Carnegie Mellon University will be hosting its first Science Olympiad Division C Invitational Tournament on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 on its campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a mecca of STEM innovation, CMU is the perfect location to host a Science Olympiad tournament. We’re excited to share the Carnegie Mellon experience with you!


You can find the schedule and team number assignments here. This document is not yet final, and will be updated in the days coming up to the competition.


Tournament Philosophy

We are all former Science Olympians, and collectively, we’ve been to tournaments all over the nation. We have designed CMU Science Olympiad with all our experiences in mind, to make yours as enjoyable as it possibly could be. Some of the key aspects of CMU Science Olympiad include:

  • High Quality Exams: Exams are the core of any Science Olympiad experience. Our team focuses on writing high quality exams, and we strive to stay consistent with the official rules while making our exams challenging. We believe that this approach will create a maximally enjoyable experience for our competitors while also preparing them for future Science Olympiad tournaments.
  • Exams and Answer Keys returned post-tournament: We grade and return all exams to teams. Blank copies of the exams and answer keys will be made available to all attending teams, for additional review and practice.
  • Rigorous Build Testing: Among our staff are national building medalists who know the rules inside and out. Some are also active Pennsylvania state event supervisors, and our Build Chair has participated in the writing of the national Scrambler rules. We will assess builds strictly but fairly, while providing quality feedback.
  • Dedicated Volunteers: A college campus can be confusing to navigate. You can count on our helpful volunteer staff to get you to your events and provide any other form of assistance.
  • Streamlined Registration process: We want to make the process of registering and attending our invitational as efficient as possible. As such, we plan to implement a registration process that will keep the amount of paperwork to a minimum. We will also distribute as much information as possible online before the tournament, so that all operations on the big day will be streamlined.


We plan to run all 23 of the official 2019 Division C events. We will not be running any trial events. Wherever it makes a difference, we will be following regional rules.



CMU campus is located at 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Click here for directions.


Carnegie Mellon provides visitor parking. There are 4 garages; if those are full, there is metered street parking on streets around campus. Visit this link for more information.


Carnegie Mellon is located in the middle of a few different neighborhoods with hotels that are a convenient distance from the university. Visit this link for comprehensive information on options for your stay, including which hotels may have special group rates and shuttle service to campus!


Carnegie Mellon hosts a wide variety of food vendors located throughout campus. For information about which eateries are open at any given time and their locations, please check this link. Please be aware that since the invitational is taking place during the Carnegie Mellon winter break and on a weekend, on-campus options may be limited.

Some great off campus food options include:

  • Craig Street (5 minute walk along Forbes): Chipotle, Eat Unique, Union Grill, Sushi Fuku, Subway, Quiznos, Lulu’s Noodles, Crepes Parisienne, Ali Baba Restaurant, and Yuva Indian Kitchen.
  • Oakland (10-15 minute walk along Forbes): Noodles and Company, Panera Bread, Fuku Tea, McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Primanti Brothers.
  • Squirrel Hill (10 minute inward-bound bus ride on 61A, B, C, or D): Bangkok Balcony, Murray Avenue Grill, Everyday Noodles, and more.